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Ferrari Announces Its First Luxury Hotel to Come Up in Barcelona

Ferrari has finalized big plans to diversify into the hospitality sector. They had created their first theme park in Abu Dhabi in 2010. They are planning a Ferrari Hotel in their second Ferrari World

Chinese Porcelain Cup Fetches $36 Million in Hong Kong Auction

The rich Chinese are increasingly investing in art and despite a slowing economy they are the largest spenders at auctions in Hong Kong. Just last week in a Hong Kong auction a rare Ming

Jacques Torres Hopes to Create the Record for the Most Expensive Chocolate Egg This Easter

Jacques Torres, the well known chocolatier from New York is also known as Mr Chocolate. With Easter coming close he has become active to offer classic chocolate bunnies and eggs for an exciting egg

Global Caravan Technologies Creates the Most Expensive Caravan Worth $1 Million

What could be the most expensive Caravan has been developed by the Global Caravan Technologies. They created a special team with specialists ranging from engineers with NASA and the US Air Force experience as

The Royal Australian Tour Takes You to Destinations Visited by the Royals

The first international tour by Prince George with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to New Zealand and Australia has refocused the attention on Australia as a destination for luxury travelers. The

The New Collection by Suommo Makes it the Most Luxurious Brand for Babies

Suommo has been in the baby furniture and accessories business and doing very well. Slowly but surely they are changing their focus and repositioning the company as the creators of exclusive luxury items for

Monster Unveils Most Expensive Chargers

Monster’s Super Thin Power Cards have become very successful as it is a very convenient power solution for your smartphone and can be carried in your wallet like any other credit card. To create

Graff Diamonds Creates the Most Valuable Watch Ever Worth £33 Million

Graff Diamonds, the British jewelers have created many unique, lavish and expensive timepieces in the past but they have outdone themselves by creating a watch that is almost completely covered in some of the

Hotels in Scandinavian Countries Provide the Most Expensive Room Service publishes an annual “Club Sandwich Index” on its website to highlight the most expensive hotels. Now TripAdvisor has taken up a similar exercise to inform the British travelers about the most cost effective

Blue Forest Showcases £500,000 Tree House at Ideal Home Exhibition

Children are fascinated with tree house and it also appeals to the adults who want to relive their childhood fantasy. Blue Forest, a design house that creates tree house have come up with an