Millionaires to Pick Yachts, Jets, Supercars, Private islands Online via Hush Hush

Millionaire? Time crunched? Super Scheduled day? Have told your concierge to reserve a posh private island for next luxury vacation? But hold! The business sperm in you tells you why reserve for a weekend plan when you can own one online. Yes, a new ecommerce marketplace Hush Hush launched to public lately features 200,000 high end products, all hand-curated collection, giving you every reason to indulge into it.

The online space offers mega yachts, supercars, private islands, private jets, jewelry, homes to furniture, art, luxury watches, and handbags. It vouches to be “Amazon for Millionaires” with a plethora of offerings under its kitty.

Admiral Explorer Yacht

The luxury marketplace aiming to compete the lifestyle of super rich features £41.3 million Admiral Explorer yacht, the most expensive one;  a £2 million jewel-encrusted Rubik’s Cube and Pumpkin Key Private Island in Florida Keys listed at £95 million to list a few.

Pumpkin Key Private Island

Founded by Aaron Harpin, 29-year-old entrepreneur, the site has already sold a £100,000 ($131,607) hovercraft and is aiming for an average shopping cart price of £10,000 or about $13,161.

The UK based marketplace targeted at millionaires and billionaires offers worldwide free delivery of products along with personal shopping concierge service, which is a big market and seems Hush Hush is all set to have its pie there as well.  

The personal touch with a product which is a must for every conspicuous customer is very well taken care by Hush Hush sales agents, who would take you on a feel tour or an experinetial journey before you ink a deal. If need be, you would be connected to a required lawyer also to ease up the process.

The website has invites suspicion about its listings and eyeballs have been raised regarding its success. But as they say, time would tell the real story. Till then give treat to your eyes with some opulent featurings here.

Via Hush Hush

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