Lebua No.3 Unveils World’s Tallest Caviar Gin Vodka Bar

Want to feel on top of the world?  Then the newly opened bar in the Lebua Hotels & Resorts in Bangkok is the perfect destination for you. Called Lebua No. 3 and perched on the 52nd floor of the hotel, it literally lets the breeze play with your hair as you gaze over the panoramic visage of the city.  With a heady mix of food for the soul, no less!  A caviar-gin-and-vodka bar at such high altitude is a dream come true.  The stylish bar offers a spectacular view of the Chao Phraya River and lights up the city’s skyline.  The venue is entered through a spiral staircase lit up to give a glimpse of the high-tech arty three distinctly designated spaces as we are led into the chic interiors that are a sight for sore eyes. 

The aesthetics of Lebua No. 3 have been designed by DWP, a global architecture and design company that has won several awards.  The three-bar space has been set in black marble and an illuminated bar in the first phase and the two exterior zones have stained glass and a snazzy copper décor to add to the jazzy finish.  The sequined skyline of the city only adds to the glamour.  And yes, there is a DJ zone in the indoor arena for the musically inclined and the nimble footed too.  It has the world’s first P4 digital retina-display dance floor connecting the inner vodka bar to the outer two caviar and vodka bars.  Elegant bespoke furniture completes the glamourous décor of this most stylish of bars.

“Lebua No. 3 also includes a luxurious outdoor caviar experience where ‘caviar goes casual’,” says Deepak Ohri, CEO of Lebua Hotels and Resorts.  But there is nothing casual about the team’s passion and commitment to rounding up the finest soul food experience for the guests who are taken through a most sublime gastronomic journey with fine dining as the ultimate goal.  Indoors or outdoors, there is no mistaking the quality of service given and what with the heady blend of trendy and unique cocktails and the lip-smacking food dished out, the entire experience turns purely divine.  The expert bartenders serve up innovative gin and vodka cocktails that have added tingles of caviar air, yuzu juice, Thai chilli, Darjeeling and curry syrup to spice them up.

Lebua No. 3 also has an additional ace up its sleeve as its design team collaborated and curated the brand’s first album with the international music producer, Andrew Murray who has worked with singers like John Legend and Jennifer Hudson, and has many top of the chart scores to his credit, giving the brand an exclusivity that is yet to be matched.  The track is played nightly and is also available for download for music aficionados.

The designation is an envious mix of partying and seclusion that would have its patrons returning for more and a mood-enhancer, signaling you to just drink in the serene evening.

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