Why CES Products Will Make Your Home the Best Super Bowl Host

Gearing up for the Philadelphia Eagles to take on the New England Patriots? Well, if you happen to be hosting a Super Bowl 2018 party, you’ve got just enough time to invest in some cool tech and get ready to wow your guests. This year’s CES brought new products to the market that would be ideal for helping you to pull off the big event. From awesome gadgets for cooking and meal prep to big screen televisions and booming sound systems, your guests will feel like they’re tailgating at the US Bank Stadium parking lot in Minneapolis, MN cheering on their team.

It All Starts with Great Food

What’s a party without plenty of great tasting food to grub on? Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or grilling outdoors, someone who knows their way around a kitchen or a culinary genius, these CES 2018 gadgets and smart devices are the perfect ideas for making grub your guests will love safely and easily.

Nortek Security & Control recently debuted their new Stove & Grill Guard Sensors for safer cooking. As the host, you’re going to be doing a lot of back and forth as you cook delicious snacks, tend to your guests, and of course, check in on highlights of the game. With all that running around, you’re bound to forget something – like the fact that you left the stove or grill on. To keep gameday safe, the guard sensors latch around stove or grill knobs. Simply set the timer and once your food is done, the sensors will ensure the burners are off keeping you and everyone else safe.
Whirpool’s new smart oven is great for hosts who need a little extra help in the kitchen. Their new Smart Front Control-Range Stove will pair with Google and Alexa to provide assistance in the kitchen. Voice activated, users will be able to speak commands including heating up the stove. New scan to cook features also incorporated on Whirlpool’s stove and microwave will tell your appliances all they need to know to heat up a meal.

Gourmia, a brand well-known for countertop appliances has taken advanced cooking to new levels. If you’ve got a few slow cooker recipes you want to pull out for your guests, then their Smart Pot Pressure Cooker is a neat buy. Reducing cooking time by up to 70%, you can prepare everything from chicken and ribs to chili and rice. The smart device is also compatible with Google Assistant and has more than 13 different functions to accommodate the variety of cooking styles you might want to use.

Don’t Forget the Big Screen

Great food goes a long way to a super bowl party, but if you really want to be the host with the most, you’ve got to create an experience for your guests. Making them feel as if they’re in the stands live isn’t as far-fetched as it may have been in times before. The CES 2018 definitely debuted some cool tech for your living room that will make your buddies think they’re out on the field running the plays with the team.

Take watching the game on the big screen to a new level by purchasing Samsung’s new Wall TV. The 146-inch flat screen television is epic and will certainly drive your guests insane. With 4K resolution and innovative technology, you won’t have any trouble getting a crisp clear screen for the super bowl. Not to mention, everyone will have the best seat in the house!

Of Course You Have to Party

You’ve got the grub and drinks, you’ve got your big screen to create a real-life experience, now all you need are a few more gadgets to help make this Super Bowl event a real party. What’s a party without speakers and music?

To complete the super bowl experience, you’ll need a killer sound system or speakers. Nomadic Audio just developed new portable speakers that pack a lot of sound – despite their compact size. Place the small speaker inside of the carrying case and get ready for sound like you’ve never heard it before. Who needs a DJ to get their party started? Put on your favorite playlist and watch your guests get their groove on.

As you can see, adding a bit of tech to your Super Bowl 2018 party can enhance the experience for you and your guests. Get some assistance in the kitchen with a smart stove or pressure cooker, while making sure you stay safe with gadgets like a stove and grill guard. Then wow all your guests with a television the size of a wall and crystal clear images of the game. The right speakers for surround-sound and you’ve got yourself a super bowl party you won’t soon forget. So great in fact, you may have a hard time getting them to leave.

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