CES 2018 Introduces Smart Mirror, Skin Scanner, and Other Unique Gadgets

CES 2018 introduces quite a few innovative devices that are truly impressive. Some of these unique gadgets enabled smart homes while other showed advancement in headsets and camera technology. These devices could change our way of living, given the range of functions each of these futuristic innovations can achieve. From telescope that gives an accurate reading of the night sky to a smart mirror that provides make-up tips, there seem to be a few devices that bound to become a household name in the tech industry.

Kohler’s Verdera smart mirror have been equipped with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa to upgrade your daily routine. The innovative mirror features twin light bars on each side, as well as speakers to provide you with music and even microphones for voice activation. That’s right! The smart mirror can be controlled via voice commands. You can turn on the faucet, toilet, and bathtub using the mirror as the main control.

What’s more!The Verdera mirror can also be utilized to read the latest news, adjust lighting or control other paired devices in the house. And like a lot of smart products, it is also built with a motion detector. The mirror is also water proof which protects the device from condensation or water splashes. As said awhile ago, Verdera mirror can also be utilized to control other Kohler products, which include the Sensate Kitchen Faucet, the Numi smart toilet and the DTV shower system that adjust water temperature.

Aside from Verdera smart mirror, there is another mirror that blows everyone’s mind at the CES Las Vegas. The HiMirror Mini is the first internet-connected mirror with built-in Amazon’s Alexa. The mirror can be used as your personal skin care and health consultant at home. It also serves as an entertainment center as you also get news stories, music and much more. Alexa voice offer beauty and health advice on taking care of your skin. The mirror’s camera analyses the skin and complexion, displaying the image on the 10.1 inch-screen. It shows the skin imperfections from wrinkles to red spots. Users also get beauty products recommendation from the online retail giant and even skincare tutorials.

In this year CES, there are several new tech and beauty product launches that attempt to drive new smart beauty tech and gadgets to a new level, and also encourage consumers to buy cosmetics. Some of these products include a SalonLab analyzer handheld device that can measure the moisture, color and hair quality. There is also Neutrogena’s skin scanner, which uses the smartphone camera to take a close up pictures of the skin, before providing treatments and beauty products on the smartphone app.

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