LG Introduces 65-Inch Rollable OLED Display

Once again, LG has come up with an amazing tech that can change the future of television. A couple of years ago, the company introduced a futuristic 18-inch OLED display that could be bent. Now, the prototype has grown to 65-inches OLED display that you can roll up like a poster.

The South Korean electronic giants have introduces another first in the CES. The 65-inch 4K OLED display is a flexible TV and it is possible to hide when not in use. Like the 88-inch 8K OLED display that blows everyone mind on the first day of its introduction, the 65-inch OLED screen is also just a prototype. There is no technical specification on both OLED display, but from the released images the 65-inch OLED display rolls up and out of a sound bar-like box when switched off.

The most flexible OLED display is mounted in a rectangular box with a motorized spindle that pushes out the screen when turned on. The concept behind the TV is simply to hide it when you want to put it away or hide from view. The TV can also be adjusted to your desired size. The TV offers different aspect ratios, which is great for watching movies.
Many of the TV these days, show you black bars on the bottom and top of the screen when you are watching. This is due to the fact that most movies are filmed in 21:9 or 2.39:1 aspect ratio that when converted into a 16:9 widescreen TV, they won’t fit the picture.

With the letterbox, you can simply roll down the screen to obscure the part of the screen that bothers you and enjoy watching a movie in full width. What’s more! When you roll the display a bit further, you get a low-profile display which could be used for showing pictures, informational display, and even computing.

The 65-inch OLED display TV won’t be available in 2018, but it could be LG’s initial offering in 2019. So, next year, you could buy a roll-up OLED TV that has everything you would want to be built into it. This time next year, we could be watching movies from a TV hidden in a piece of furniture that shows up only when you pressed a button on a remote control. And this TV has HDMI connections, optical digital audio output jacks, processing chips and other fantastic features you see on a TV.

LG roll-up OLED screen is not the only amazing tech at the LG display booth, you have a lot to look forward to in 2019.

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