5 Best Adventure Vacations for Outdoor Travelers

How many times have you spent your vacation on a nice beach or wherever, thinking it was the best vacation you ever had. But as soon as you go back to work, you simply forget about it. The vacation that seems special suddenly turns into an ordinary holiday that you take year after year. If you feel like you want a change, a vacation filled with unforgettable memories and maybe an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you can tell your friends and co-worker again and again then it’s about time you do something about it. This 5 best adventure vacation list can help you decide where to go on your next vacation.

In this page, you can choose from the best adventure vacation for you, and your family or friends. Whether you want a place to relax your body, stimulate your mind or both, this 5 adventure vacation list have been recommended for outdoor traveler. Any of this vacation spots will give you fun stories to tell on dinner tables that would have everyone’s attention.

Hike or Bike In Sicily’s Countryside and Small Island

Sicily is south of the Italian Peninsula. It’s most prominent landmark is Mount Etna, which happens to be the tallest active volcano in Europe. Sicily’s terrain is hilly, while climate is Mediterranean, which is great for hiking and biking. But of course, there are other things to do aside from biking and hiking. Sicily has gorgeous beaches, chic cafes and stylish boutiques that will leave you wanting nothing.

This region in Italy is known for its picturesque scenery, and surrounding small islands such as Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Aegadian and Aeolian islands. These islands have an array of landscapes from beaches to fields to mountains. But, the best thing about the neighboring islands is that all of them is free of bright lights, smog and city noise. So, you can have the best outdoor adventure while basking in nature’s beauty.

Get Lost in France

France is a wonderful country since it practically has everything you want to see, including alpine villages, medieval cities, and stunning Mediterranean beaches. It’s also renowned for its sophisticated cuisine and wines. This beautiful country has plenty to offer the outdoor travelers. But of course, you need to get out of Paris if you truly want to experience the country and have a fantastic adventure.

If you are wondering which place to visit in France, you might want to start your adventure in Hossegor. This charming city is just west of Bordeaux. It’s surrounded by a large number of camping sites. So, if you want to explore the area, you can bike around the city. There are several cycling lanes so you have nothing to worry. Now, if you don’t feel like staying in the city, you can opt to stay in the Auvergne region. In here, you get to see majestic volcanoes, fascinating landscapes and enjoy a variety of local delicacies like honey and cheese. In case you really want adventure in France, head straight to Alpe d’ Huez, it’s known for its endless slope and excellent trekking destination during summer. Or go to Provence and see Van Goh’s inspiration.

Elephant Trekking in Thailand

Thailand is home to friendly people, exotic animals, and beautiful beaches. It’s a country rich in history and culture. Many travelers visit Thailand because of its stunning beaches, exotic foods, and outdoor activities. In this corner of the world, you will have a nice time exploring the many national parks. Trekking is one of the best ways to conquer the hills of Thailand. In fact, you should try Elephant trekking in Chiang Mai. In this exotic city, you can have an adventure of a lifetime. If you want to be bolder, how about conquering the sea by snorkeling or diving off its many beaches. Or take the opportunity to do some kayaking and rock climbing. There are plenty of things to do and explore in Thailand.


Conquer New Zealand’s Rugged Terrain and Mountain Peaks

New Zealand is known for its beautiful terrain, waterfalls, glacial valleys, lakes, and string of mountain peaks. This country offers the best adventure for people who want to enjoy the outdoors. The weather is also perfect for mountain climbing, trekking, and other outdoor adventure. The air is clean and unpolluted. Plus! The views on tops of the mountains are simply breathtaking. It’s the top climbing destination in the world. Best of all! New Zealand has great golf courses. So, when you are tired from exploring Tutoko Glacier, or biking around Lake Wakatipu or hitting the fairways and want to simply relax, you can rest in one of the many luxury cabin rentals available and reminisce on your adventure while drinking a glass of wine.

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Adventure

Vietnam is known for its bustling cities, pagodas, beaches, rivers, and mountains. Vietnam is one of the best outdoor destinations in Southeast Asia, because of its beautiful terraced hills, rivers, jungles and colorful tribes. Trek one of its hills, kayak in Halong Bay, explore and discover the Mekong Delta by foot, boat and bicycle. Get out of the city and enjoy Mother Nature.

The world has many beautiful mountains, hills, forest, and lakes that you can explore. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do, you just have to be open-minded to these opportunities to experience everything the world has to offer you. But of course, an adventure vacation doesn’t mean you have to exhaust or get yourself in harm’s way to have an unforgettable and fun holiday. You can have an adventure in the countryside of Sicily, experience biking in Provence, France and afterward head home to a beautiful cabin that you can call your home away from home. There are so many beautiful places around the world that you can discover and explore, without sacrificing your comfort.

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