Most Expensive Cocktail Costs $6500, Courtesy Savoy Hotel

How much would you spend for a drink? Are you willing to pay 5,000 pounds or $6,600 US dollars for a cocktail? Savoy Hotel in London is well-known across the world for its luxury accommodation, top-notch customer service, and expensive drink. The American Bar at the infamous hotel serves a drink that could bankrupt you if you drink even just a few glasses.

The American Bar at the Savoy offers an expansive cocktail menu, where you will find almost all kinds of drinks. In the menu, you will find that most of their drinks average from $23.63 to $32.83. Some people would find these drinks wildly expensive, but they are not considering the ingredients used are high-quality, the skill involved in processing the drinks and the fact that you are drinking at a luxury hotel should also be taken into consideration. Take note! If you think the standard drinks are already pricey, wait till you get to a section titled “Vintage Cocktails,” this section is where things heat up in terms of price.

In the vintage section, you will find the most expensive cocktail in the menu and the entire Britain. One cocktail has a staggering price tag of $6,600. Imagine paying for a cocktail drink that cost $6,000, it may sound ridiculous to you but not for people that can afford to drink whatever they want. This drink, if you are not filthy rich could make you poor. Why is it so expensive? The Savoy serves a vintage Sazerac made with extremely rare 1858 Sazerac de Forge Cognac, 1900s Peychaud bitters and 1950s Pernod absinthe. It is believed the drink originated in pre-civil War New Orleans, hence the reason for the exorbitant price tag.

The Savoy Hotel London has been serving customers since 1893 and it still maintains an Art Deco-inspired design from a 20’s era. With regard to the bar name, it got nothing to do with an affinity for America, but it was named as such because they were serving mostly American-style drinks, which the world knows as cocktails. When the hotel was sold to Aaron Bird, the former bar owner Sewell T. Taylor opened an import business, which included the importation of a cognac named Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils. It is said that Taylor sold the drink to Aaron, who started mixing a drink, thus the birth of the Sarezac.

Presently, the American Bar has a huge collection of vintage spirits, some even date back to the earliest days. They will happily serve you a cocktail using any of the vintage spirits if you are willing to spend, more than the usual. A Negroni made with vintage sweet vermouth, vintage Campari and vintage gin sell for $196.92. But, the oldest cocktails in the menu, which is the Sazerac has a hefty price tag. The price may be overly luxurious but it’s understandable when a 160-year old bottle of cognac is involved. This drink has been ordered already by wealthy customers, if you are willing to shell out six grand, you could be the next lucky guy to taste a super expensive cocktail.

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