World’s Most Expensive Purse Goes on Sale for $3.8 Million

The world’s most expensive purse is about to be put up for sale by auction house Christie’s, with a whopping price of $3.8 million, next month. The luxury heart-shaped diamond encrusted purse once again in the limelight. The luxury bag officially called Mouawad 1001 Night Diamond Purse is one of the most luxurious accessory handbags to be auctioned off.

Mouawad 1000 Nights Diamond Purse is a diamond-encrusted handbag, with the bags decorated in flawless diamonds, which is why it is super expensive. In fact, in 2010, the handbag holds the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive purse ever produced. The handcrafted purse was made of 18-karat gold and covered with more than 4,517 diamonds amounting to 381.92 carats, which made the statement piece designed by Jewelry Robert Mouawad a bit heavy and a luxury. Most of the rocks used for the purse are colorless about 4,356, 105 yellow and 56 pink diamonds have also been incorporated into the design. 10 Artisan has spent around 8,800 hours creating the most expensive masterpiece, to date. Christie’s will handle the sale of the purse, and the auction house will take the masterpiece on a tour through Hongkong, before proceeding to Geneva and London to generate interest and attract potential bidders ahead of the auction.

The luxury jewelry brand was founded by Robert Mouawad grandfather David Mouawad in Beirut in 1890. The company has been managed by the family for generation. In 2010, Robert Mouawad turned over the family’s high-end jewelry business to his sons Pascal, Alain, and Fred. There are nearly 20 stores in Los Angeles, Switzerland, Asia and the Middle East. The Mouawad Jewelry is well-known for having dazzling gem collection in the world. That’s right! The jeweler holds a number of world records, including a necklace with a $55 million flawless centerpieces diamond. By the way, the heart-shaped purse wasn’t the first expensive item they have auctioned, the first one was a bra. In 2003, Heidi Klum modeled a bra called The Very Fantasy Bra in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it has a price tag of 11 Million. The bra was covered with 2,800 diamonds, amethyst, and sapphires, and weighed 2,200 carats. So, the 1001 Night Diamond Purse is the Jewelry brand second record-breaking attempt.

The trend of buying expensive handbags as an investment by wealthy individuals and celebrities has been on the rise. Last year alone, Christie’s auction house sold a Hermes Birkin bag for a staggering amount of £155,000. It seems, many people especially wealthy individuals believe that even bags are a good investment, especially one that is covered with diamonds. There are many wealthy individuals and celebrities that have worn Mouawad jewelry, such as Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson are just some of them, but none yet have worn a record-breaking piece.

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