Luxury Suite: Premium Ocean Pavilion at Amanpuri, Phuket

A luxury traveler wants privacy, elegance and utmost comfort. If you are one of the global elite, staying in a luxury suite is crucial. It goes without saying, you shouldn’t be staying in just any high-priced accommodation, but one that knows the kind of service people with money would come back for. Aman is definitely one of the resorts in Amanpuri, Phuket that knows how to do things right with their exclusive chain of resorts worldwide.

Aman sure picks the perfect location for their resorts. They even manage to blend the natural surroundings into their resort. The Premium Ocean Pavilion is a perfect example for it is a Thai paradise, an oasis with the zen-like surrounding, warm woodwork, and endless ocean views. In fact, the amazing ocean view can transport anyone into a state of tranquil elegance without the need to indulge in a spa.

The Premium Ocean Pavilion is one of the Thai Pavilion in Amanpuri resort. Amanpuri in Sanskrit is a ‘place of peace’ with 43 villas and 40 pavilions surrounded by lush garden, coconut plantation, and the Andaman sea. The suite measuring 1238 sq.ft has a king-size bed dressed in crisp white linens and polished wood, spacious dressing areas, and oversized bathrooms with separate walk-in shower and freestanding bathtub. As with all Aman resorts, the Amanpuri has also kept its architecture and design minimal with understated elegance. So, the Pavilion is designed with a distinctive roof, polished wood interiors that show an Ayutthaya style architecture blending harmoniously with its surrounding. When going to the pavilion, you will walk in an elevated walkway set amidst a beautiful tropical garden.

There is also a dining terrace and outdoor sala with sundeck and breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. The outdoor sala is a perfect spot to relax and connect with nature. The relaxing atmosphere infused with the strong aroma of jasmine blossoms and the salty smell of the ocean can transport you to a state of bliss. The interiors furnished with Thai antiques, art, and textiles. There is also air-conditioning, free WiFi, TV, a minibar, toiletries and beach bags.

For guests seeking further de-stressing, the resort has come up with programs that let you discover happiness and inner peace. Whether you are seeking to deep cleanse your entire system, remove unwanted weight, increase your fitness levels or achieve renewed awareness, these four immersions will bring obvious results.  The immersion experience will have a spa treatment and specialist therapy sessions and a two-three movement.

Amanpuri’s has a good dining option for there is something for everyone. For those who love eating sushi and sashimi they can dine at Nama. If you prefer Thai cuisine, you can dine at the resort Thai restaurant. There is also a Latin American cuisine for those who prefer light meals such as tostadas, tacos, and salsas complemented by handcrafted cocktails made with classics drinks tequila, cachaca, pisco, rum and mescal. The cost of a suite at Premium Ocean Pavilion is $2550 with occupancy of two adults.

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