Royal Paris Limited Edition Royal Coffee Maker Costs $18,000

A coffee lover who considers a good cup of Joe a luxury should not mind paying much for a coffee maker, especially if they can afford it. But, how much should one pay for a coffee maker? Or should I say, how much would you pay for a good tasting coffee? If you say, whatever the cost then the Royal Coffee Maker is perfect for you.

Royal Paris Coffee Maker

The latest product to come out of Royal Paris puts the world’s most expensive coffee bean to shame. The Royal Coffee Maker from Royal Paris with a price tag of $18,000 is possibly the world’s most expensive coffee maker in the world. The luxurious coffee maker, which costs about the same as some cars, handcrafted in 24-karat silver or gold, using semi-precious stone and crystal. Precious metal aside, the price tag of the coffee maker is partly attributed to the fact that there would be limited numbers of the product to be made available. Only eight products produced by hand monthly, each one taking 50 hours of workmanship.

French artist Jean-Luc Rietort brings to life the extraordinary craftsmanship that mostly seen in jewelry to the limited edition Royal Coffee Maker. The artist works alongside a team of engineers, sculptors and metallurgist to create a product that used by royalties in 1800s. Take note, the Royal Coffee Maker is designed to bring customers to the time when ordinary citizens cannot enjoy coffee. The time when drinking coffee is part of a ceremony for monarchs and the like.

With this coffee maker, the art of brewing coffee turned into a ceremony. The ground coffee placed in a beautiful Baccarat crystal carafe, hot water then poured into the pot and the burner vase, lit. The fully automated system does its job, brewing the coffee in the crystal vase at the perfect temperature with no artificial filters, and no place for the aromatic oils to get away, resulting in a brewed coffee fit for kings.

The Royal Coffee Maker can be personalized as customers can choose from 24-karat gold, silver or copper options finishes. You can also have your initials, family crest or company name engraved on it. The luxurious coffee maker is available for retail in $10,000 to $18,000.

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