The Old Irish Leap Year Legend Urges Single Women to Take A Leap of Faith


All single ladies in the house get ready to get down on your knees as leap day nears. There is an old Irish legend about leap year that makes the month of February even more interesting.

According to the Irish legend, St. Brigid of Kildare, asked St. Patrick permission to allow women to propose to men who just might be shy to do it. The fifth-century nun was very persuasive that he agreed but with a condition that women are only allowed to propose on Leap year. Brigid upon hearing the decision wasted no time and instantaneously proposed to St. Patrick who declined the proposal. In other words, the folktale urges women to propose but the man is not obligated to accept. In fact, any man declining the proposal must give a silk gown instead just what St. Patrick did in the story.


Leap year occurs every 4 years and on leap day women can propose. Leap day is the last day of February. And 2016 is a leap year, so if you want to follow the old Irish tradition then good luck. Come to think of it! In this time, when women can almost do anything a man can, proposing is no longer a problem. It is not even prone upon, anymore. It is just that, with 2016 being a leap year, the idea of women proposing to men definitely sounds fun to do this year. In fact, the leap year legend is so interesting that Ashford Castle created a special package to celebrate the custom.


Ashford Castle is offering a package to celebrate leap year. The 2-nights and 3 days package include daily breakfast, five-course dinner for two, champagne upon arrival, spa treatment, seats to the film screening of the movie “Leap Year” and a chance to proposed on a big screen. The special package is available for a priced of $1, 387 per person to $2,000.

So, if you want to take a leap of faith, take advantage of Ashford Castle leap year package.


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