Music Machine 3 Modeled After Star Wars Tie Fighter

Looking for a music box that doesn’t have spinning ballerinas? If you are tired of your music box playing the same tune over and over again or you are a star wars fan that loves collecting strange stuff, I present to you Music Machine 3. This strange but cool music box is modeled after Tie Fighter from the hit movie Star Wars.

The music box is a certified badass because unlike the typical music box, it is modeled after a Tie Fighter which Darth Vader flew to get away. What’s more! The music box plays several tunes not just Star Wars theme also themes from other hit movies like Mission Impossible and The Godfather.


Tie Fighter music box system is powered by two independent movements placed in the different tail sections. The twin craft section of the spacecraft, each has its own winding key, air regulator to keep the timing in line. Plus! each cylinder plays different tunes, so one end of the tail section plays the Star Wars themes and the other section themes from other movies.

Music Machine 3 (MM3) is developed by MB&F’s in which its founder Maximilian Busser happens to be a Star Wars fan. Busser was only 10 years old when he first watched the movie in 1977. By the way, Rouge designed the high-end music box, a Swiss manufacturing with 150 years of experience in making a music box.


Star Wars fan who wants to own this cool music box should be ready to pay $18,000. Yes! That much as the Tie Fighter is an expensive device since it is also a limited edition music box. Only 99 of these are made and released in the market. They come in three colors, 33 in black, 33 in chrome finish and the last 33 in white.

Are you ready to cough up that much for a music box? If you are willing to spend that much then what are you waiting for? Remember, there is only 99 music box released on the market, it will take lots of luck to find one now.

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