Luxury Aircraft skydeck: Now Flying on Airplane Top Possible

Are you ready to fly on top of an airplane? An aerospace engineering firm recently unveils a plan that will seat passengers on top of an airplane. You read it right! The plan is not for a sci-fi movie or novel but a travel option in the future.

Windspeed Technologies, an engineering firm designed a new seating arrangement for airplane and this concept is called SkyDeck. The firm’s concept, feature a clear glass dome with seats inside and the dome is attached to the top of a plane. SkyDeck offers passengers a 360-degree view of the sky. The proposed seating arrangement would definitely beat current in-flight entertainment and lessen boredom of long flights.


The concept sounds terrifying because a lot of things could happen, but the engineering firm guarantees that the materials to be used for the dome are just strong as the materials used for the rest of the plane. In fact, Windspeed also guarantees the material used will survive all weather conditions and other blows to the dome including birdstrikes.

When it comes to the canopy, it will be made of high-strength materials similar to the canopies of supersonic fighter jets. The firm is currently in talks with a manufacturer of aircraft canopy. Furthermore, the manufacturer of the canopies will design, test and fully certify the ready-to-install canopies.

SkyDeck is going to be the future, this is what Windspeed guarantees. With talks with major producer of canopy, there is no doubt that SkyDeck is the future. It also means that flying will be much better and entertaining in the years to come. Unfortunately, seats on the glass dome aren’t cheap. Although, there is no priced mentioned yet, but with the kind of entertainment the SkyDeck is offering, you can bet your life that it will cost you more to fly seated on the special seat.


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