Veryfirstto is Offering World’s Most Expensive Christmas Crackers With Gifts Worth $6 Million

The festive season is upon us and year after year selecting appropriate gifts for friends and family is becoming a challenge. The trend of passing on gag gifts and pranks in the Christmas crackers is passé and the luxury website has put together the most extravagant and world’s most expensive Christmas crackers that could literally shock and awe, in a pleasant way, your friends and family. The crackers contain the absolute ultimate in Christmas presents. The downside is that those who get the wrong end of the Christmas cracker could be cursing you for missing out on gifts like a diamond necklace, unique destination tour or a yacht.

Most expensive Christmas Crackers
Yes, the stakes for your guests around the Christmas table will be really high when they pull these exclusive crackers because they contain the most exclusive and over the top gifts. The crackers would be custom designed as per your requirement. The crackers are bespoke and you have the option of choosing the gifts from the exclusive list on offer. The list of gifts the website is offering includes a sparkling “Diamants Légers” Cartier necklace crafted out of 18K white gold and set with 20 diamonds. At the end of the day, the guest who gets the magnificent necklace could feel disappointed as the other crackers could be containing a top of the range Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe or even a Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker.

Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe1

ou can’t possibly get more extravagant than that. Another unique gift on offer is ‘1 Like No Other’ trip of a lifetime that will take you to destinations that are truly unique with no likeness anywhere else in the world. Another beautiful gift in the list is a pen from Graf Von Faber-Castell which was declared the pen of the year and is inspired by the fascinating architecture of the New Palace of Sanssouci. The crackers are being offered in a set of six. You may exchange one gift item with another but the alternative you choose should be worth £10,000 or more. A standard set suggested by the website will cost you $6,291,802. At that price you can be sure that your guests will not only be happy but truly indebted to you.


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