Stoli Group Launches Andean Edition as the Final Offering in Pristine Water Series

Stolichnaya is a well know Russian brand of Vodka inherited from the Soviet era. The vodka made from wheat and rye grain and diluted with artesian well water. The Stoli Group has developed a variation of the brand under the name Elite by Stolichnaya by using exclusive but different water sources. This pristine water series was first introduced in 2011 with the Himalayan edition. As the final edition in the series the company launched the Andean Edition at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes last month. This is again a limited edition release with only 250 bottles distributed globally through travel retail. Each bottle will be numbered to maintain its exclusivity and it will retail for €3,000.

The concept behind the series is the belief that a place has the power to influence the flavour profile of a spirit. The master craftsmen at Stolichnaya wanted to create the ultimate vodka and searched the world for different water sources. For the latest edition they trekked to the crystal clear waters of Colico Lake in the La Araucanía Region of Chile. They sourced the water from a natural spring flowing from the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Like previous editions the water was added to elit’s Russian Alpha Spirit. It is the choice of water that gives the spirit a different flavor and makes it exclusive.

Andean Edition of Pristine Water Series

Rob Cullins, SPI Group Global Commercial Director pointed out the importance of water in making vodka. According to him water is the purest of all elements and responsible for giving vodka its subtle taste and extraordinary clarity. The crystal waters of Colico Lake boast of a unique balance of minerals. This is the third and final edition in elit pristine water series. This exclusive vodka is bottled in a hand cut crystal bottle, specially crafted by crystal house Glencairn. The bottle is crafted to refract light and thus enhance the clarity of the spirit. The bottle is sealed with a silver medallion which is crowned by a ruby. The bottle is then packed in sustainable Chilean Black Cherry wood case that is lined with leather. The exclusive bottles will become available at travel retail around the world, later this month.

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