The First Official Batmobile to be Sold at Heritage Auctions in Dallas

The Batman TV series first aired in 1960s made the Batmobile famous. Its peculiar shape made it popular amongst the readers of the 1940s comic books. George Barris customized a Lincoln Futura as the Batmobile for the TV series made in the 1960s. But DC comics had officially licensed Batmobile two years earlier which can safely be called the first Batmobile officially made. This car which is basically a 1956 Oldsmobile 88 will be up for grabs at the upcoming Heritage Auctions in Dallas. It is the first car DC Comics ever licensed and this fact will add value to the rare car and will attract serious car collectors.

The customization process of this car began in 1960. The job was given to 23 year old Forrest Robinson. It was he who conceived the design and put it down on paper. He then began building the car in his family’s barn. It was a big job for the young man and he got Len Perham, a young fried to collaborate on the project. They took their time in finishing the car and finally delivered it in 1963, making it the first car licensed by DC Comics as the Batmobile. The car was originally painted in silver but was later repainted in black and red like the car used in the 1960s TV series.

First Official Batmobile

The car had traveled across the country as the official Batmobile before replicas of Barris’ TV car started doing the same. The car lost its importance and Robinson sold it off for $200 as he needed the money to start a fabricating business. The new owners also did not realize its importance and the car was dumped in a New Hampshire field where it spent nearly 50 years rotting. The car got a new life after it was re-discovered in 2008 and was sold to a rare car dealer. The car was bought and sold a few times before being taken up for comprehensive restoration in 2013. The process was completed earlier this year and it is back to being the official Batmobile.

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