Michael Green Has Listed His New Creation on eBay as the Most Expensive GIF Art

The digital technology is seriously making inroads into the field of art. Digital artist Michael Green is at the forefront of this movement and has successfully used the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animation in an art context. His latest GIF creation has been inspired by the 12 feet stainless steel creation by Jeff Koons. The enormous sculpture was sold in an auction and fetched a whopping $58 million. Michael Green has named his creation “Balloon Dog Deflated” and positioned it as the most expensive GIF art of all times. He hasn’t been successful so far as there was no response when he listed it on eBay at a price of $5,800.

He hasn’t given up hope and re listed the artwork with a starting price of $2,000. He is persisting with the sale because he hopes that the sale of “Balloon Dog Deflated” will change the way image formats are perceived. It will not only change the way this art form is valued but it will encourage people to take GIF files seriously as a collector’s item. Michael Green has created a GIF series on Tumbler under the title “luxury.obj”. According to the artist “Balloon Dog Deflated” represents the death of the tradition of modern art and it is his endeavor to push our culture to the next step in its evolution. The logical next step according to him is the digital medium.

Balloon Dog Deflated by Michael Green

If Balloon Dog Deflated is bought for $2,000 then it will become the most expensive work of GIF art ever sold as the current record stands at only $1,300. The sale on eBay is scheduled to close on September 8. The artist has made a strong pitch on the site for the GIF art. He says that buying the original GIF file, rendered directly from the artist’s computer for $2,000 will make the buyer the holder of the most expensive bitmap image format. The buyer will be sent the GIF on a USB stick, along with a certificate of purchase, within 24 hours of payment. Watch this space to find out if the Balloon Dog Deflated finds a buyer.

Via: news.artnet

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