Clique Chic Brings Personalized Exclusivity to e-Commerce

Online retail saw the luxury labels adapting it rather late. But once they have accepted it as a channel for luxury and fashion they have molded it to suit their special needs and are continually incorporating features that make the online experience more exclusive and personalized. Clique Chic, a members only e-commerce portal is offering the services of personal stylists online who can guide you and help you develop the unique ensemble that will work for you. The brand environment in the luxury segment has become very aggressive and competitive and the consumer is finding it increasingly difficult to make the right choice.

There is greater pressure on individuals to look good on the job or dates or even on facebook. There is a definite demand now for a one on one professional sartorial services. Clique Chic has taken note of that demand and created the service to fulfill it. It is like the hospitality industry where the personal concierge services have slowly moved to the mainstream. The professional stylists are able to select the right trends and styles for each woman. They support and guide the visitor to the portal throughout the entire shopping experience. It is an amazing experience to enjoy all the benefits of personalization, exclusivity and superior service from the comforts of your home through your computer or tablet or even through your phone.

Clique Chic, the Luxury e-Commerce Site

Jessica Martino, the founder of the site, is very clear in what she wants from the site. Her aim is to create a true luxury experience for the visitors to the site. She wants to bring it as close to the experience you have when you enter a brick and mortar store and interact with a brand. Another important and exciting feature of Clique Chic is that it allows you to create a public profile and lets you share your preference as well as potential purchases with your network. The Clique Chic e-commerce site has made it easy for you to get an individually styled designer look. You simply have to visit the site and join their exclusive community.


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