Polo Tech, the Ultimate Wearable Tech by Ralph Lauren Unveiled at US Open

Wearable tech is gaining ground as a concept and we have seen the development of ringing bracelets to smart watches. The latest wearable tech seems like serious stuff and surprisingly comes from the high end fashion brand Ralph Lauren. The iconic fashion brand’s sport of choice has been Polo and enjoys deep rooted ties with it. However, for their new creation they are calling Polo Tech, they chose the inaugural day of US Open to unveil the new product. It is basically a compression shirt with various sensors woven in its fabric that can take readings of both biological and physiological data.
Ralph Lauren has partnered with Canadian technology company OMsignal to develop this amazing wearable tech that can track heartbeat, respiration, energy output, stress level, breathing rate, breathing depth, steps and calories burned. On top of that it also boasts of an accelerometer and gyroscope. The device is capable of giving you an EKG. The readings captured by the sensors are transmitted to a tiny “black box” on the wearer’s ribcage which in turn relays the information to the new Ralph Lauren fitness app. David Lauren, executive vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications at Ralph Lauren Corp highlighted through a statement that the company aims to bring technology that will occupy every part of your life. The company believes in inspiring lifestyles and could put this technology easily in an Oxford shirt or a Purple Label tie.

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Unveiled at US Open

The commercial production of PoloTech has not started as yet so currently it is available to the pro-athletes at the US Open and to some of the ball boys. It is likely to be ready for distribution sometime in early 2015. The Polo Tech will be available not only in polos but also Oxfords and even sweaters. The product is basically aimed at people who jog or workout to become healthier but this new technology and its implications are far wider. With the help of Polo Tech your vitals can be transmitted instantly and wirelessly to medical professionals worldwide. It can prove to be life saving for the sick and elderly. Lauren himself agreed that it is going to be a learning experience for them as they have just opened the door but are not sure how it is going to develop and grow.

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