Camus Designs a Cognac Case Inspired by a Concert Piano

Camus is the world’s largest cognac producing family firm and have been known to create unusual cases for their cognac but they have outdone themselves by creating a pedestal for their five Masterpiece Collection Cuvees. Designed in-house by the firm’s design team it is a table that looks like an exact replica of a piano leg. They call this exclusive pedestal’ organoleptic piano’ and has been made entirely in France and the best in the business have toiled long hours to give it its final shape and finish. In fact six master craftsmen took more than 300 hours to create this exclusive pedestal.

Piano Inspired Case for Camus Cognac
Frédéric Dezauzier who is the brand ambassador for the Camus Cognac was at hand to unveil the exclusive creation of the firm. He pointed out that it was designed as a tribute to 150 years of tradition and excellence and has been composed as a symphony for the senses. He believes that it will also set the tone for the next 150 years. The design has been inspired by a concert piano and the design has been converted into reality by Ateliers Drevelle who are a renowned cabinet makers. It is finished as a black lacquered pedestal that is resting on a white lacquered steel leg.

Speicially Crafted Decanters

The steel leg has been designed in such a way that it resembles the letter ‘C’ as written in Camus. The five crystal decanters it holds have been designed by the famous French sculptor Serge Mansau and have been manufactured perfectly in the Baccarat workshops. The way the decanters rest on the pedestal defies gravity and showcases effectively all five of the Masterpiece Collection Cuvees. The whole effect is very elegant and it surely is the most exceptional piece of furniture you have ever seen. Each decanter nestles perfectly in its own tailor-made compartment which opens at the touch of a fingertip. There is an elegant brass plaque in front of each compartment with an ode to the Cuvee engraved on it. It is truly a “symphony for the senses”.

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