Dahon Launches the Most Expensive Foldable Bike for $5,500

Leading manufacturers of foldable bikes Dahon have released a new premium design which is the most expensive in the category and twice as expensive as the next most expensive foldable bike in the market. Dahon has been making foldable bikes for over 30 years now but the Mu Rohloff, as the new bike is called is the most premium and advanced design they have released so far. Some of the features incorporated in the new bike are tantalizing to say the least and are being offered for the first time in a foldable bike. The bike folds very easily and quickly.
The new bike is practically maintenance free and it pedals as efficiently as most normal bikes. Priced at $5,500, it is not affordable for most kids but there are expensive parts and mechanisms in the bike that explain the heavy price tag. It features the Rohloff Speedhub which an internally geared rear hub. This premium product is made in Germany and costs $1,500 if bought separately. This hub has 14 evenly spaced gears that shift without pedaling. It is sealed from the elements and is practically unbreakable. They will prove to be particularly useful for the foldable bikes as they often get stuffed into trunks or loaded in a hurry into trains and buses.

Mu Rohloff from Dahon

Another major improvement in this foldable bike is that it does not use a chain to drive it and hence there is no grease that could stain your hands or clothes. The new bike is powered by a Gates Carbon Drive belt instead of a chain. There are other features and parts in the bike that make it more impressive than others in the category. The quick release pedals used in the bike are very effective. The Magura disc brakes are very powerful and the Ergon grips and the 20 inch wheels are the best available in the market. Foldable bikes normally compromise with quality and performance as they focus on convenience but Mu is as effective if not more than normal bikes.

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