New Zealand Based Designer Creates World’s Most Expensive Surfboard Costing $1.3 Million

Price is just a number, says New Zealand-based surfboard-shaper Roy Stuart perhaps to justify the price tag of his new creation. At $1.3 million it would surely qualify as the world’s most expensive surfboard. He would like his prospective customers to focus more on the experience the board promises and not on the price. And that’s why he says “Life is short, get the best if you can — price is just a number, but the experience is forever.” He has named the beautiful board he has created ‘The Rampant’ and rightly so because Roy claims that this board moves in an unrestrained manner.

Roy Stuart Showcasin 'The Rampant'
At 10 feet 6 inches it looks a little bigger than the standard surf boards. But it is the looks of the board that attract you more. The board has been sculpted from paulownia timber which comes from 50 feet tall trees that generally grow in eastern Asia. The timber from tall trees enables the surfboard shaper to offer a single concave from nose to tail. As a result the balance of the board improves vastly. The bottom of the board has a unique tunnel fine crafted from kahikatea wood, which is native to New Zealand. Incorporated with the tunnel is a polycarbonate fin which according to the designer provides rapid acceleration to the surfer.

The Fin Helps the Acceleration

What catches your eye when you first see the board is the figure of a lion painted in 23 karat gold on the front surface of the board. Roy concurs that because of the striking visual appeal of the surfboard many people believe that it is a piece of art and has been created for artistic appeal alone. He justifies the unusually high price to the ultimate design and the performance it promises. He is confident that the surfer on the Rampant will get the experience of a lifetime. Roy became philosophical when he said that life is short and we should get the best where ever we can.

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