Happiness Blanket Launched by British Airways Senses the Mood of the Passengers

British Airways aims to make the flying experience with the airline pleasurable for all its passengers and to find out what makes the flying passengers happy the British airline has launched a ‘happiness blanket’ that detects the mood of the passenger through neuro sensor technology. The idea is to take the stress out of flying. There are many factors that can stress a passenger out on a long haul flight. He could be seated to an incessant talker, or the food on the menu could be described as regrettable or the in-flight entertainment’s list of movies could resemble the list of the worst movies of the year.
There are many more irritants that can drive a passenger up a wall. Airlines sometimes make blunders and British Airways is no exception. Recently it sent a passenger to a wrong destination. You can very well visualize the mood of the passenger when he realized that he has landed at the wrong destination. The Happiness Blanket indicates the mood of the passenger through color. It changes color on a blue to red spectrum where blue indicates a content, peaceful passenger, and red indicates an unhappy flier. The blanket has not been used on real passengers as yet but has been tested on volunteers.

Happiness Blanket Being Tested on a Flight

The technology is simple but effective. The blanket is made out of wool like any other normal blanket but is outfitted with mini LEDs that help it change colors. It comes with an attractive wraparound headband that reads and transmits brainwaves with the help of Bluetooth. It was tested on volunteers on a flight from London to New York on the BA189 Dreamliner. The airline monitored the mood of the passengers through the flight to find out what was working and what needed improvement. The airline was happy to note that most of passengers were relaxed during the flight. They became truly calm when they were sleeping. It is the first time that an airline has used this technology to help shape how service is delivered on board an aircraft.

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