California Firm Sells Carved Pure Ice Cubes for $325 for a Bag of 50

Gläce Luxury Ice Company, based in Davis, California is making and selling what could safely be called the most expensive ice cube. Founded by Roberto Sequeira, a business school lecturer at the University of Los Angeles the company is providing the super rich premium blocks to go with their elaborate cocktails. The luxury cubes have matching pricing as a bag of 50 will set you back a staggering $325.50 (£194). The premium ice cubes have been positioned as cubes that provide ‘minimum dilution and maximum cooling’. The company also claims that their produce is a healthier option as it contains no impurities and is completely clear.

The premium cubes last longer and are completely tasteless so as to allow consumers to maximize their beverage experience. Tap water which is generally used to make traditional machine ice could contain over 150 impurities and carcinogens resulting in poor taste and even alter the taste of your quality drink. Gläce Ice provides premium ice in cubes as well as perfect spheres. Called Mariko, the spheres are positioned as the ‘most mathematically efficient way to cool your drink.’ Each piece is meticulously crafted and makes the perfect complement to top shelf liquors.

Most Expensive Luxury Ice

The Glace Ice cubes are accompanied by a set of directions about how to use them in order to maximize the drinking experience. The company recommends that the ice cubes must be left to breathe for a few minutes before any liquid is poured onto them. The spheres will normally last for twenty to thirty minutes in a drink. The cubes measuring 6cm across will survive in a glass with drinks for up to 40 minutes. The cubes are individually carved out of a 300lb block of purified ice. The ice cubes are supplied in a re-salable bag with a one-way air valve to push out the dirty ambient air. It is not just the most expensive ice but the best you can get.

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