The Casa Bubble Allows You to Live in Nature in Luxurious Comfort

People who love nature and want to be amidst natural surroundings but are unable to withstand the adverse weather conditions have an option now in the form of the Casa Bubble. Created by two French designers and architects, the Bubble is frameless and practically roofless. It allows you to sleep under the sky enjoying the comforts of a hotel suite. The French designers Pierre-Stephane and Frederic Richard claimed that they have achieved ‘A maximum of pleasure, for a minimum of material and energy expenditure’. Priced between £4,000 and £9,300, the designers have created different models to suit different geographies and weather conditions. They have used different materials to withstand extreme heat or cold conditions.

The Standard Transparent Bubble
The Casa Bubbles are available for rent as well with the rental fees ranging between £900 per night for the basic bubble, up to £2,000 for the ‘grand lodge’. The designers are based in France and hence you will have to bear the shipping costs from there. The Bubbles are easy to install and a person can do it alone without any help, within an hour. The Bubble has to be inflated by a special turbine which also helps in keeping it in shape and also filters the air inside the bubble and eliminates pollen, humidity and condensation. The designers claim that the acoustics inside are particularly soothing.

Bubble Drop is the Fully Opaque Model

Three designs of the Bubble are available at the moment. The Cristal Bubble is the completely transparent one, the Bubble Room is somewhat opaque whereas the Bubble Drop is almost fully opaque design. The Bubble Drop has a circular clear window in the roof to allow a view of the sky and stars. Most of the Bubbles are made with the highest grade new PVC and can comfortably withstand temperatures in the range of 3°C to 50°C. Some of them are made from a new TPU (Thermo-Polyurethane) which is suitable for extreme cold conditions and can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C. The Bubble Drop model which is the opaque design is made with a material called Sunblock that reflects up to 95% of the sun intake. All the materials used for making the bubbles are 100% recyclable.

Larger Models Come With a Bedroom and Bathroom

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