Drai’s, the Latest Super Club in Las Vegas Offers the Most Expensive Night Out

Clubbing and night out in Las Vegas is special and Drai’s, a new nightclub in Sin City makes it even more extravagant. They are offering the ultimate clubbing offer costing $737,00 which includes fireworks and a private jet. According to some the offer is an attempt to rewrite the laws of clubland. Drai’s is the latest super club in Las Vegas which boasts of a long list of glittering clubs. It is spread over 65,000 square feet and housed in a eleven storey building. It features swimming pools, private cabanas and a lot of generic EDM. It is lavishly done up and consciously ostentatious.

The ultimate package worth $737,000 will bring you and 50 of your family and friends to Las Vegas in a private 737 Boeing jet. The guests will be entertained with a 210 second firework display. Apart from luxurious accommodation for the guests the package includes a lot of champagne. A similar package is available for only $250,000 but then only eight of your friends can fly with you in a private jet to Vegas. The firework display will also be relatively shorter at only 150 seconds. Drai’s has devised various other packages like ten bottles of champagne purely for spraying on each other for $2,000.

Las Vegas Drai's

For $9,000 you can order a 30 second firework display. For $10,000 you get seven bottles of Dom Perignon and a custom light show presentation. The way they have devised their packages, they are sure to become the preferred destination for special celebrations. Megabucks will be on display at the new club and will become the perfect showcase of conspicuous consumption. It also offers you the opportunity to have the most expensive night out with your friends. But it is obviously not for everyone and the everyday club will continue in the true spirit of dance culture.

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