Gucci Launches Two Precious Leather Travel Trunks Costing $50,000 Each

When a top luxury label launches something they are not necessarily known for it creates more buzz and attracts the elite customers. When you think of luxury travel trunks the first thing that comes to mind are the iconic monogrammed steamer trunks that Louis Vuitton has been making for decades. You will be happy to know that you now have another option if you are looking for really luxurious travel trunks. Gucci has launched their new Guccisima Leather Shoe Trunk and the Diamante Lux Leather Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk which are hand crafted to perfection. The shoe trunk is a must have for people with shoe fetish as it is designed to take special care of your collection of exclusive shoes.

Precious Leather Travel Trunks by Gucci
The stunning trunks come at a price and will cost you around $50,000 each. Both designs are made to order and are available for pre order. It is not clear if any customization options are available or not. Gucci’s master craftsmen who are considered the best when it comes to leather products will be handcrafting the trunks in Italy. As the name suggests one of the trunks is for carrying your vast collection of shoes and the other is for garments. Gucci has listed the shoe trunk as ‘Men’s Luggage’ but it should be more useful for women travelers who need the perfect trunk for carrying their Louboutins, Choos and Berlutis.

Safest Trunk for Your Precious Shoes

The shoe trunk is crafted out of dark brown guccissima leather and features dark brown leather detail. On an average it takes twenty days to craft each of the trunks by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. The shoe trunk features thirteen wooden drawers with leathered covered front and id tags. The trunk boasts of both lock and buckle closure. The Diamante Lux Leather Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk is more feminine and is designed to hold your garments. Made out of yellow diamante leather, it features yellow leather detail. The light fine gold hardware gives it that ultra luxurious look. It features antique gold hanging rods with wooden hanger and garment cover with zip pocket and interior garment straps. The exclusive trunks by Gucci are no doubt stunning but there are some who might want to buy the latest Mercedes Benz car for the same price.

Gucci Diamante Trunk


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