VeryFirstTo is Offering to Get Your Portrait Sculpted on Lipstick for $875

May Sum, the renowned multimedia illustrator, makeup artist and fashion designer is the creative director of wahahafactory. She had created a buzz by creating meticulously hand crafted lipstick figurines of celebrities. Looking at the enthusiastic response to her initiative she has launched another lipstick art series which she has named ‘The Floral Collection’. Each individual piece in the collection is available for purchase for $925. She is also collaborating with VeryFirstTo and the luxury site is offering the lipstick art service to its large customer base. You can commission your own portrait or for someone else to be hand sculpted on a lipstick. The first of its kind service is available for $875.

May Sum has over ten years of rich experience and has collaborated with various famous fashion and beauty brands and has developed a very distinct and unique style of her own. For her new floral collection she has created some remarkable pieces by combining the art of lipstick carving with the vibrant colors of flowers. The most eye catching piece depicts a woman with a floral hat and cascading flowers down the base. Another equally remarkable piece has been sculpted like a vase with intricately carved flowers on a base of greenery. To make it a perfect show piece they have been mounted on wood bases and have glass cover for protection.

Portrait Sculpted on a Lipstick

Wahahafactory was founded by May Sum in 2006. She has been able to spread happiness through her creativity. She has successfully pushed the boundaries of art and fashion through her innovative techniques. Her first collection of lipstick art which was called ‘Fashion Icon’ featured many of the fashion legends including Lady Gaga, Princess Diana and Victoria Beckham. The lipstick sculpture is somewhat fragile and one must take care of it so that it lasts for a long time. It must always be kept in a cool and dry place. In a hot and humid atmosphere the lipstick sculpture is likely to melt or deform. If you are interested in getting your portrait carved on a lipstick then you should visit the VeryFirstTo site and register.

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