Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport Now Has an Indoor Restroom for Dogs

McNamara Terminal at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport was witness to an unusual inauguration. A toilet specifically for dogs has been created near Gate A34 in the McNamara Terminal. The relief area for the canine pets of passengers consists of two lush looking patches of grass to simulate the outdoor green area as the dogs are generally trained not to relieve themselves indoors. The grass patches installed behind a partition comes complete with sprinkler system to clean up after every use. The service Animal Relief Area was inaugurated by two happy dogs using the facility while a small but curious crowd watched.

Dog Restroom at Metro Airport, Detroit

The new facility at the Metro Airport is a relief for a lot of passengers as now they would not have to waste a half hour to take their pet outside through security screening to get relief. There are differently abled flyers also who need the assistance of their dogs and so need them by their side all the time. That’s why the facility has not been created with only the elite and affluent passengers in mind. In fact the relief area is free and also offers a sink where you can wash your hands and fill water bottles.

Happy Dogs Using the Indoor Facility

Delta Air Lines has invested $75,000 to create this facility. It is a wonderful convenience for the passengers and it also makes the work of those easier who are responsible for cleaning up accidents. There have been cases when passengers have slipped on dag waste and hurt themselves. John Garbacik, Delta Air Lines facilities manager said that the facility has been installed at the McNamara Terminal first because it handles a large number of connecting flights whereas the North Terminal only handles passengers coming to or going out of Detroit. Michigan-based Paws With a Cause, an organization working for the welfare of the pet animals also contributed to the project by giving expert advice. Deb Davis, community outreach manager with the organization was at hand to demonstrate the use of the facility with the help of a golden retriever.

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