Jacques Torres Hopes to Create the Record for the Most Expensive Chocolate Egg This Easter

Jacques Torres, the well known chocolatier from New York is also known as Mr Chocolate. With Easter coming close he has become active to offer classic chocolate bunnies and eggs for an exciting egg hunt. He wants to make the Easter special this year by creating a new world record by auctioning out the world’s most expensive chocolate egg. He has put in place a plan for the same and is collaborating with artist Carter Jones for the project. The large egg is part of the city wide The Big Egg Hunt which is being organized as a charitable event.

The Egg is 30 Inches Tall and Weighs 120 lbs

The Big Egg Hunt team had approached Jacques Torres to participate in the event and he decided not only to participate but create a record breaking colossal egg to make the event memorable. He has literally taken it as a new challenge. There was no mould available in the shape and size he had in mind so he along with Carter Jones created the mould from scratch. The chocolate egg that was finally created is 30 inches tall and is made up of almost 120 pounds of chocolate. The egg is not just big but beautiful as it depicts the iconic landmarks and buildings of New York City. The egg has been put on display at the original Jacques Torres retail location in Brooklyn’s DUMBO waterfront neighborhood.

Chocolate Egg by Jacques Torres

The Current Record Stands at $11,000

There are a total of 200 eggs put up on display since April 1. They will be on display till April 17 after which they will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to two charities namely Studio in a School and Elephant Family. The current Guinness World Record title for The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Egg Sold at Auction is held by William Curley whose egg fetched $11,000 at the 2012 Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in London. Jacques Torres hopes to break this record with his chocolate egg and reinforce his position as a chocolatier not only in New York but in the world.

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