Graff Diamonds Creates the Most Valuable Watch Ever Worth £33 Million

Graff Diamonds, the British jewelers have created many unique, lavish and expensive timepieces in the past but they have outdone themselves by creating a watch that is almost completely covered in some of the rarest and best colored diamonds. For creations like this price is never a factor or a constraint. The British jeweler pulled out all stops and sourced the best pieces to make it the most extraordinary watch. And they rightfully claim now that it is the most valuable watch ever created. If you want to own the watch it will set you back by a cool £33million.

The Hallucination by Graff Diamonds

It is difficult to imagine such a heavy price tag for a watch. For that kind of money you could acquire three to four private islands in the Caribbean. But it is not the watch which is expensive but the 110 carats of rare colored diamonds that has boosted the value of the watch sky high. Graff Diamonds have named the unique and exclusive watch The Hallucination and have put it up for display at Baselworld in Switzerland. It is the biggest and the most prestigious annual trade show of the watch and the jewelry industry held at Basel, Switzerland. The Hallucination has naturally become the highlight of the prestigious show.

The Hallucination, the Most Valuable Watch Ever

Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds called the Hallucination a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds. He was not just satisfied but proud of the creation because he considers it to be a sculptural masterpiece. He believes that the watch represents their all consuming passion for diamonds. It has been a dream come true for him and his firm. The entire team put in their best for creating this masterpiece, be it the choice of diamond pieces or the craftsmanship or the man hours. The watch took the entire team thousands of hours to create. The result has definitely been worth it and you can’y possibly make something worth £33million in a hurry.

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