Net-A-Porter Launches Fashion Magazine Porter and Its Digital Edition With a Shopping App

Net-A-Porter is making efforts to consolidate its position as a luxury online retailer. They have launched a fashion magazine which hit the stands last week. The magazine hopes to integrate the worlds of retail and publishing. The digital edition of the magazine is also ready and will become available for download on the 14th. The magazine named Porter will also have an app that will allow users to scan and shop items from the magazine pages. The print edition which is on the stands now is glossy like fashion magazines. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has been featured on the cover of the first issue of the magazine.

Porter is Positioned Directly Against Vogue

It is an attractive and catchy cover. The model snuggles coquettishly on the cover in a red Chanel crop top. It is mentioned in the ‘O’ of the masthead “Powered by The magazine seems to be positioned to take on Vogue but it is to be seen if it can eat into the readership of the established fashion magazine. Porter will have an advantage as it has a digital sibling as well. The app with the digital edition will enable users and fasionistas to click through and purchase the items they fancy, without having to search through Net-A-Porter.

The Launch Issue of PORTER

The Response of the Industry to the Launch is Positive

It is a well considered move on the part of the luxury e-tailer. It will not only add to the overall appeal of the website but give an edge to the luxury retailer. Tess Macleod-Smith, Vice president and publishing director sounded confident and thrilled at the launch function. Net-A-Porter boasts of a large customer base of 8.3 million people worldwide and a majority of them are high net worth individuals who are lovers of fashion and well informed consumers. Porter has been launched basically to address their desire and demand for a global edit. Tess Macleod-Smith is confident that they will become world class leaders in content and commerce. The response to the launch has been very positive both from the global news trade as well as the advertising industry. Lucy Yeomans will be at the helm of the new publishing initiative of the Net-A-Porter Group as the Editor-in-Chief.

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