Sutton Place Hotels Announces the Most Outrageous Valentine’s Day Package Worth $500,000

Valentine’s Day inspires hotels to design the most lavish, and sometimes even outrageous packages. Canadian brand the Sutton Place Hotels has created a once in a lifetime kind of package and named it just that. “The Once in a Lifetime” package carries a price tag of $500,000 but it is designed in such a way that it could turn out to be the most exciting and memorable experience for a romantic couple. The package is not limited to stay in the hotel along with fine dining but includes a luxury car, lots of shopping, diamonds and fine jewelry. The couples who go for this package will never forget this Valentine’s Day.

The Package Includes a Maserati Car, Shopping and Jewelry

The Once in a Lifetime package not only ensures that you have a good time with all the luxuries but gets you a personalized Maserati and also offers you the chance to completely overhaul your wardrobe. The guests will spend the Valentine’s Day in style. The couple will be chauffeured in a limo and taken to the presidential suite. A personal butler will greet the couple and welcome them with a bottle of Dom Pérignon and hors d’oeuvres. The couple will then move to a private candle lit dining room and enjoy a six course meal served under the supervision of the butler.

The $500,000 Valentine's Day Package

The Couples Will Continue to Get Flowers and Massages

The next day will be really exciting. It will start with a champagne-soaked breakfast-in-bed. After the guests get ready they will be taken on a helicopter tour of the city depending on where you at staying. The brand is located in Revelstoke ski resort and also has luxury hotels in Edmonton and Vancouver. If you thought that the helicopter ride is the most exciting part of the package then you are mistaken as the exciting part starts after that. The couple gets a personalized Maserati sports car in which they drive down to the upscale Canadian department store Holt Renfrew where they can shop for $100,000 and also receive jewelry worth $50,000. And to top it all the couples will receive weekly deliveries of fresh flowers to their home and weekly couple’s massages for an unspecified length of time. No wonder it is called the Once in a Lifetime package.


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