World’s Most Expensive Auctioned Hermès Bag Creates New Record at $125,000

A one of a kind Hermès handbag created a record for the world’s most expensive auctioned Hermes Kelly bag in the last month of 2013. At a private auction an anonymous bidder shelled out $125,000 to acquire the exclusive bag. It is a crocodile and Togo leather bag which was put on the block with a relatively modest pre sale estimate of $50,000. The experts believe that the exclusive bag may have retailed for about $60.000. The mysterious buyer definitely had his heart on the bag as he literally grabbed it in one full bid. The Daily Mail carried a detailed report about the Holiday Luxury Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas.
A One Off Design is Considered an Extraordinary Piece

Matt Rubinger, the director of luxury accessories with Heritage Auctions pointed out that Hermès handbags are valued highly by the admirers of the brand. If the bag is positioned as a one off design it becomes a collectible bag for all Hermès lovers. They know that it is an extraordinary piece and the most exclusive design which can’t be valued like other regular handbags. Heritage Auctions who handled the sale of the valuable bag has posted details about it on their website. It is a Geranium Porosus bag which was designed by Christian Astuguevieille. He is a French artist who had taken up this assignment while participating in Hermès’ Petit H Workshop that aims to repurpose rare materials by gathering designers from different fields on one platform.

worlds most expensive hermes kelly bag

Handbags Are Turning into a Viable Investment Option

The unique feature of the “Geranium Porosus” handbag is five built-in feet attached to the iconic Kelly bag. It naturally became the highlight of the two day auction that featured a range of bags from different brands including Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Another Hermès bag that also featured crocodile skin with palladium hardware attracted a lot of attention by fetching $65,625. Matt Rubinger believes that handbags have now become a viable option to attract investment level money. Handbag lovers are becoming collectors as their passion is turning into an investment option. Auctions like this one encourage this trend and bring many of the bag lovers on one platform and exchange ideas.

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