VeryFirstTo Creates the Most Expensive Christmas Pudding Worth £23,000, true to its name, always strives to create something that has been done for the first time. For this Christmas season they have created the most expensive Christmas pudding on the market. The luxury website has assembled the best possible team to create this expensive delight. They commissioned the renowned pastry chef Martin Chiffers, who used to be Executive Pastry Chef at The Savoy in London. He also led the UK Pastry Team for the World Pastry Cup, which obviously means that he is one of the best in the business in the UK. And what he has created for the website justifies his reputation in the industry. The Christmas pudding created by him has gone for sale for a whopping £23,000
It is the exclusive and fine ingredients that have gone into the pudding that have made it so expensive. Two ingredients are particularly expensive, namely a bottle of Duret 1810 cognac and a highly collectible gold Henry VI Salut d’Or coin. The bottle of cognac is worth £10,890 as all the cognacs made before 1872 are considered highly desirable. The gold coin comes from the collection of an expert coin dealer, and is worth £7,500 on its own. The amount of cognac as well as sherry, marsala and rum to be used in the pudding will be decided with the consent of the buyer and according to his taste.

Most Expensive Christmas Pudding

The cognac, sherry and rum that are left in the bottle will be handed over to the buyer of the pudding. The gold coin that shows the Angel Gabriel facing the Virgin Mary and the Latin cross on the reverse will be left with you and prove to be a valuable collector’s item. It is a delightful creation by and most appropriate for the season. It is sure to inspire others to create some more record breaking items. Perhaps the oldest record concerning a food item in the Guinness Book of Records is for the world’s largest mince pie. It was a 1.02 ton pie baked in Leicester way back in 1932. It is high time some one tried to break that old record.

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