Starbucks Releases Limited Edition Metal Gift Cards for Holiday Season

Starbucks has always been conscious about its brand image and devises innovative brand building exercise. Their efforts have paid dividends and today Starbucks, despite being a coffee shop chain has created a space for itself as a luxury brand. To consolidate their position in this space the Seattle based coffee giant is launching new programs that spell luxury. Their latest initiative is a new $450 all metal gift card. They have launched it to coincide with the holiday season. The card matches with the image of the brand as it is shiny and has a fancy look. The company name is prominently laser-etched into its smooth rose-colored exterior.

The Card is Preloaded with $400 of Starbucks Credit

The strategy of the brand seems to have worked very well. It is a limited edition card as only 1,000 cards have been released. The sleek gift cards were put up for sale last week and were sold out within seconds of the launch. The card comes preloaded with $400 of Starbucks credit. The card holder will automatically be elevated to the gold level status in the My Starbucks Rewards account. It is a privileged status at Starbucks as it entitles you to a free birthday treat, a 15% off coupon at, free refills on iced or brewed coffee and tea and a frequent buyer program with stars.

Starbucks All Metal Gift Card

The Card is Reselling for $2,500 on eBay

The card is hand assembled, features a gorgeous artisan rose base metal and rose colored coating. It is a beautiful card and Starbucks has released it in collaboration with The cards went on sale last Friday and have resurfaced on eBay for resale. The limited edition cards have created a buzz on the site and there are many takers for the $450 card for $2,500. There are over 200 options available on the site and all of them have positioned the card as rare and a wonderful gift for Christmas. One of the cards was even listed for $5,000 but it could not be sold before the sale was closed. It is difficult to say if the cards are actually worth that much but there are Starbucks addicts who are willing to pay a high price to own the Starbucks card. In any case the release of the cards is definitely going to add value to the Starbucks brand.

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