Cadillac is Offering Special Edition ELRs Through Saks’ Holiday Catalog

Cadillac is geared up for the release of its new ELR which is the first luxury coupe that is also a plug-in hybrid. To create a buzz around the new model they have created a special edition of the car which is more exclusive and marginally more expensive than the models that will become available at their dealerships from January. The limited edition exclusive version will be available through the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday catalog. Only 100 units of the Saks Fifth Avenue Special Edition Cadillac ELRs will be made available. All the special edition cars will feature a White Diamond exterior paint color not available on the regular ELR. There will be two options available for the interiors; jet black and Cashmere.

The Special Edition Boasts of All Features of Cadillac Vehicles

The special edition of ELR has been priced at $89,500 which is higher by $13,500 from the regular models. But the special model boasts of all the features that Cadillac vehicles offer including heated and ventilated seats, high-tech safety systems and navigation. In addition the special model features an upgraded 240-volt charging station with professional installation which is valued at $3,000 and comes with the required special permits from local municipalities. The buyers of the special model will get access to an ELR concierge service which provides information on battery care, home charging and service scheduling. The car comes with a 16.5 kilowatt-hour, lithium-ion battery pack which can drive the car for about 35 miles on full charge. There is a small four-cylinder gasoline engine that acts as an on-board generator that keeps recharging the batteries extending the car’s range to 300 miles.

2014 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac Hopes to Create a Halo Effect Through ELR

Cadillac believes that Saks as an upscale retailer is the perfect fit for their brand demographically. The tie-up with Saks will give the ELR exposure to the market segment the car maker wants to attract. Cadillac has also designed a large marketing plan for the ELR which includes sponsorships of various beauty events across the country. The car maker hopes to attract new customers to the brand through ELR. Their chief marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus believes that ELR, despite its low volume can create a halo effect which will help the way people perceive the luxury brand. The Special Edition ELR can be ordered through Saks and will be delivered in March 2014.

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