Manta Resort in Zanzibar Creates an Underwater Room off the Pemba Island

Luxury hotels are always trying to give a makeover to their rooms and adding amenities to differentiate it from other hotels. But there are very few who go the whole hog and do something radically different. Manta Resort, located off Pemba Island in Zanzibar has introduced the Manta Underwater Room which is literally 13 feet (Four Meters) beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. It is a glass walled underwater chamber that functions as a miniature private island. It is connected to two additional levels above the sea that provide space for leisure and recreation. This room in the otherwise land based Manta Resort is different to say the least.

The Upper Deck Above the Sea Provides Fascinating Sea Views

The landing deck atop the submerged room has a lounge and the bathroom. The roof of the lounge serves as a sunbathing terrace during the day and a stargazing spot at night. The clear sky provides some exceptional night time views. Guests can also expect to see passing sea life like shoals of reef fish and even reticent creatures like squid and octopus emerge at night when underwater spotlights beneath each window are lit. Coral is already developing around the base of the room and its anchoring lines and fish like Bat and Trumpet are also settling by the structure in order to elude predators.

Manta Underwater Room and Its Upper deck

Photo credit: Jesper Anhede

Packages With Stay in the Underwater Room are Available

This is not the first time that the hospitality industry is trying an underwater experiment. Similar initiatives have been taken elsewhere which has inspired this development. Utter Inn stands in a lake east of Stockholm, while there are underwater suites at Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai. Couple of resorts in Maldives has also created an underwater restaurant and spa rooms. This is a growing trend in luxury hotels and resorts to incorporate unusual design features in their rooms. In Paris, one of the hotels is launching soon what they call the Kiss Room. It is basically a minute space clad in 1,000 uniform mirrors. There are hotels in Africa and the Middle East who leverage their warm climate by creating outdoor bedrooms. Safari Consultants who specialize in Africa have already created a package for Zanzibar and Kenya that offers one night in the Manta Underwater Room.

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