Hotel in Helmsley Serves Up the Most Expensive Breakfast in UK

The market for luxury goods and services are strengthening and the hotels are devising newer and more expensive ways of indulging their affluent guests. A hotel in Helmsley, North Yorks is serving up Britain’s most expensive breakfast costing a whopping £120. The breakfast contains some local as well as some imported ingredients and is already being called UK’s most luxurious breakfast. It includes imported Balik salmon, two duck eggs, Oscetra caviar, creme fraiche and mini brioche. The most expensive breakfast can be washed down with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne. The Ritz menu in London boasted of some of the most expensive entries in Britain but this breakfast has bettered anything on that menu.

The Most Expensive Breakfast

Fine Dining is a Key Element of Luxury Travel

This luxurious breakfast has been created by the three Rosette Feversham Arms which is an award-winning hotel in Helmsley, North Yorks. It is being offered on the set menu of the hotel. Though the breakfast serves two it is expensive enough to blow our budget before the lunch time. It simply takes indulgence to a new extreme. Luxury travel has bounced back after keeping low through the economic downturn. Hotels and operators are devising new packages that are redefining luxury. Fine dining is a key element of luxury travel and this breakfast is a true example of luxurious dining. Chefs have worked imaginatively to refine the food and get the best out of each ingredient.

The Luxurious Breakfast Can be Washed Down With Champagne

The Fish is Taken to Ebersol and Smoked Using a Russian Recipe

Head Chef Jason Birkbeck has devised this breakfast. He uses local duck eggs but imports the salmon from the Norwegian fjords. The fish is sourced and processed at multiple locations. It is transported over the Ricken pass to Ebersol in Switzerland where it is delicately smoked using a secret Russian recipe. The hotel’s General Manager Charles Merchie is upbeat about the status of the hospitality industry. He pointed out that his hotel is positioned in a very luxurious market place that demands really refined food. With the economic scenario looking up people are getting back to celebrating. The hotel is popular for celebrations and this breakfast is also a form of celebration for people who love to indulge in luxury.

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