Falke Launches the Most Expensive Socks Made Out of Vicuna Wool

Christmas is close enough now for you to start worrying about what to gift your loved ones. Falke, the German luxury knitwear brand has released their Falke Vicuna socks which are the first of its kind as no other brand has ever made socks out of the wool of these rare animals that are found only in the Andes. Falke had established its first knitting mill way back in 1895. Over the century they have grown into a large group with a sales turnover of 230 million Euros from markets across the world. The German brand has established itself at the very top end of the luxury knitwear and also produces pullovers woven with the ultimate animal luxe.

The Thermal Properties of Vicuna Wool Are Unique

The Vicuna wool is known to be the rarest and most expensive wool in the world. It is not only softer but lighter and warmer than any other wool found across the world. This precious material gives remarkable exclusivity to the socks. It is pure luxury and particularly comfortable during the coldest times of the year. The German company processes the yarn themselves. They point out that Vicuna is not simply a fine wool but its thermal properties are unique that leads people to describe it as Alpine opulence. And that’s why the socks make a perfect Christmas gift that will generate warmth and comfort through the winter season.

Premium Falke Socks Made Out of Vicuna Wool

The Brand Has Also Released Pullovers Made From Vicuna Wool

The newly launched socks are not only unique but the best available in the market. Naturally, being the best in its class makes it the most expensive as well. A pair of the premium socks made of luxurious wool has been priced at $1,150. This is not the price of a blinged version but a pair made from the best wool in the world. Falke has packaged ten pairs of the premium socks together. It is not clear yet if you can buy an individual pair or not. The luxury knitwear brand is also offering 10 V-neck and 10 roll-neck Vicuna pullovers as a limited edition design. The pullovers will be available for around $3,200. Thanks to Falke, this winter promises to be warmer.

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