Hermès Birkin Bag Used in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine is Worth More than the Film’s Costume Budget

Hermès Birkin bags are the most expensive bags. In fact they cost so much that they don’t even fit into Hollywood’s costume budgets. Woody Allen and Kate Blanchett were talking to Harler’s Bazaar UK about their experience while shooting for his latest movie Blue Jasmine. In the movie Kate is seen carrying a luxurious camel-colored Birkin Bag. Woody Allen said that he could only allot $35,000 to the costume designer Suzy Benzinger for the entire costume for the film. He accepted that the amount was a limiting factor but the Birkin bag could not have been bought even if the budget was raised.

The Costume Designer Lent Her Personal Bag for the Film

Suzy Benzinger, the costume designer ultimately lent her own bag for the film as she explained that the wait list for the exclusive bags could be as long as a decade. Kate also confirmed the fact by adding that you are in a wheelchair by the time the bag arrives. On a lighter note she pointed out that the script required her to throw the bag on the sidewalk again and again. She said that she felt Suzy’s blood pressure go up every time the bag hit the pavement. It was suggested that Suzy would have been more relaxed had she borrowed one of the defective bags Hermès reportedly burns.

Kate Blanchet with the Birkin Bag in the film

The Birkin Bag Has Created a Space for Itself Right at the Top

It is doubtful, however that the luxury brand would have agreed to allow a defective piece to be seen publicly in a movie. The Birkin bag has created a niche for itself as the most exclusive bag and that’s why it can command a price that is higher than an entire costume budget of a Hollywood movie. But at the same time it has such a huge fan following that it boasts of a waitlist that runs into decades. If you want the best then you must not only be willing to pay top dollars but also be prepared to wait.

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