Luxury Tour to 20 Iconic Film Sites in 10 Countries Will Cost a Couple $315,000

Film directors spend a lot of time in selecting the right location for their films. Very often the location can enhance the impact of a scene. It is very exciting to visit the location of a popular movie and relive the dramatic scenes there. VeryFirstTo has designed the World’s Best Film Locations Tour that takes you to 20 of the most iconic film sites in 10 countries. This luxury vacation experience has been designed for the lovers of cinema who appreciate the dramatic presentation of a location. The luxury tour meant for couples is spread over three months so that you get enough time to soak in the beauty of each location.

Professional Guides Will Provide Insights and Context at Every Location

Amar Thaman, a spokesperson for VeryFirstTo, pointed out that there will be a guide at every location to give insights and context. The multilingual guides can be requested to use your preferred language. More often than not you will be able to even act out the iconic scenes mimicking your favorite stars. The tour will take you to the rugged landscape of Glencoe in Scotland where a major portion of Braveheart was shot. You will also be visiting the romantic Trevi Fountain in Italy which became famous globally after it featured in La Dolce Vita. Wudang Monastery in China is also a major attraction of the tour where the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was shot.

Iconic Locations of Iconic Movies

Guests Will Fly Business Class and Stay at Finest Hotels

Marcel Knobil, founder of Superbrands, Cool Brandleaders and VeryFirstTo believes that each location is iconic in its own way and the beauty of the tour is that a variety of locations have been brought together in one ultra luxurious tour. Another advantage the guests have is that they can customize the trip around the destinations that most appeal to them. This is a luxury tour and guests will be flying Business Class wherever available and stay in some of the finest hotels including Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles and the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo. The luxury tour will cost a couple a little over $315,000. Like all their luxury tours VeryFirstTo will be donating $1,593 to the Prince’s Trust, a youth charity in the UK for every booking they receive.

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