Extravagant iPhone Cases by Japanese Jeweler Carries a Price Tag Inspired by Mt. Fuji

Japanese consumers have a taste for luxury and exclusivity and the market is geared up to creating exclusive products. A jeweler and a cellphone distributor have come together to create a gold case encrusted with diamonds for the new models of phones released by Apple. It is an extravagant design and have been produced in two models at two different price points. In any case the prices of both the cases are way above the phone it is supposed to house. The luxurious cases have been named Koku and have been created by Phonet, who operate 12 cellphone outlets in the Yamanshi Prefecture and Jeweler Akiyama Co.

The Cheaper Model Costs One Tenth of the Expensive One

Koku literally means time in Japanese and the case features a clock face. The blinged version of Koku is embellished with 207 pieces of 1.71 carat diamonds. But it carries a heavy price tag of 3,776,000 yen which is close to around US$38,400. If you are not particularly in love with diamonds then you can go for the simpler version which will be much easier on your pocket as well. This case is crafted out of silver and has been encrusted with cubic zirconia instead of the diamonds. The cost saving results in removal of one zero from the price tag. The budget model costs only 377,600 yen or $3,840.

Koku Cse for iPhone 5

The Pricing Has Been Modeled on 3,776 Meter Height of Mt. Fuji

The pricing of the cases have not been worked out on the basis of the input cost. The makers of the case have revealed that the pricing has been modeled on the height of the iconic Mount Fuji which is 3,776 meters high. The Koku cases are designed for the iPhone 5 and their newer cousin iPhone 5S. It cannot accommodate the budget version iPhone 5C as its shape is a little different. Yutaro Akiyama, the President of the jeweler company that made the case pointed out that casting of the case was rather difficult as the bodies tended to shrink or lose their sheen. The cases have been designed with wealthy women in their 40s and 50s and it is sure to appeal to them.

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