Violin Which Was Played as Titanic Sank Fetches £1,000,000 at Auction

It has been over a century since the great ship Titanic sank to its watery grave but the tragic event still haunts the people thanks to Hollywood that has kept the legend alive even after so many years. Memorabilia associated with the tragic event fetch top dollars at auctions. A violin which was supposedly played on the Titanic while it sank has been auctioned for whopping £1,000,000. People believe that this was the violin which was being played as the great ship sank. Hollywood also believes in the story as it has been depicted in their films. It is perhaps the priciest memorabilia associated with Titanic to be auctioned.

Violin Whic Was Played as Titanic Sank

Wallace Hartley Was on Titanic With His Vilolin as the Band Leader

According to records available it has been established that Wallace Hartley who was a professional violinist had boarded the ill fated ship as the band leader to entertain passengers onboard the vessel. He is said to be playing his violin as the ship started sinking after hitting an ice berg. It is believed that Hartley as the band leader had led his fellow musicians in playing the hymn, Nearer My God To Thee as the ship began to sink. Hartley led the band on his violin. The violin was a gift from his fiancée Maria Robinson according to the plaque mounted on the violin.

The Violin was a Gift from his Fiancee

Specialist Titanic Auctioneers Believe the Violin is Authentic

Titanic’s sinking is amongst the most tragic events in the history of shipping. Almost 1,500 people were killed in the tragic incident. Despite a century passing by the incident is still very much alive in people’s imagination. Last year there were several activities including a similar journey undertaken to celebrate the centenary of the terrible accident. The violin which was recovered from the wreckage had been lying in an attic in Yorkshire for most of its life. It was rediscovered in 2006 and its authenticity is being debated since then. However, Henry Aldridge and Son, specialist auctioneers of Titanic memorabilia have confirmed that the instrument has been tested and proven authentic over a period of seven years. The bidders must also believe them as no one would shell out £1,000,000, almost $1,617,300, for a violin with doubtful authenticity.

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