The Fascinating Double Decker Trailer of Will Smith is Called ‘The Heat’

Movie stars project a larger than life image and actually live life king size. Will Smith is today perhaps the biggest star of Hollywood and everything associated is naturally big and grand. A video about his trailer has surfaced and it is fascinating to see the opulence and the grandeur of the mobile home. We had earlier seen the Airstream luxury trailer but this one is not an ordinary motor home but a modern marvel that has features and amenities that would be considered ultra luxurious even in high end homes. It is Will Smith’s home away from home when he is working on a movie. It is part of his contract and is set up on a lot or on location. Aston Kutcher’s trailer is also remarkable.

Will Smith's Trailer The Heat

The Motor Home Features Full Kitchen and 30 Seat Conference Hall

The sleek motor home has been named ‘The Heat’ and has become part of the movie making process on all of Smith’s films. The custom built motor home is a creation of Anderson Mobile Estates and is basically a combination of several trailers. It is the mansion of trailers and the ultimate in luxury motor homes. It is a double storied affair featuring a master bedroom, full kitchen, a screening room with a 100-inch screen, a conference room capable of accommodating 30-people at a time and several recreation rooms. The kitchen itself is worth more than $100,000 with its granite tops. Another technological marvel is the remote controlled makeup mirror with a TV behind it.

Luxurious Interiors of the Trailer

The 53 Feet Long 30 Ton Trailer Runs on 22 Wheels

The Heat is 53 feet long and weighs 30 tons. The motor home runs on 22 wheels and provides 1,150 square feet of living space when fully expanded. It features some fancy hydraulic pistons to create valuable space while keeping the motor home stable and steady. The bath in the trailer comes with a steam shower that can go opaque at the flick of a button. There is a private lounge that Smith uses to have his makeup and wardrobe done. The sleek motor home was built at a cost of $2.5 million. It is rumored that when Smith is not using his trailer it is rented out for a fee of $9,000 a week.

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