Most Expensive Morph suit Costs a $1 Million!

I don’t know why someone would spend a million bucks on a morph suit, but that hasn’t prevented the costume company Morphsuits from creating such a product. The company has covered a grey morph suit with diamonds making it the most expensive morph suit. Morphsuits create amaing costumes for Halloween, and morph suits are a popular choice for that holiday. But the co-founder of Morphsuits, Gregor Lawson said that many people were requesting them to make flashier suits. And so these guys went all the way to create this very flashy morph suit, covered in over 20,000 diamonds. They call it the “Mercedes Benz of Morphsuits”. With this kind of price tag we would say its more of a Maybach of morph suits.

With Halloween coming up, everyone wants to stand out. This will definitely ensure that. But who is that desperate or rich to stand out that would spend a million dollars for just one costume! Though these morph suits look uncomfortable and constrictive, they are actually quite comfortable. One can even see through the material. It is easy to wear and covers you from head to toe. Its kind of a neat way to remain anonymous at a Halloween party.

most expensive morphsuit

The company apparently has over a million fans on Facabook. They make a variety of morph suits, totalling around 80 design options.Have a look at their website and you will really be amazed. They deliver at home as well and there is a money back guarantee policy too. However its not really for someone who isn’t too convinced about their figure as this suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

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