Richard Branson Launches a Reality TV Show With Mark Burnett With Space Travel as Prize

Sir Richard Branson has launched a new series on television that will provide an opportunity to the winner to travel into space as the prize. As is his wont, Mr. Branson aims for the best and for this television venture he is collaborating with reality TV czar Mark Burnett. Richard Branson has been persistently following his dream of making space travel commercially viable as he sees a huge potential in space tourism. It is a natural human desire to explore the space that one sees every day but still remains unknown. Virgin Galactic is the space travel arm of Richard Branson’s empire and its stated mission is to democratize space, eventually making commercial space travel affordable and accessible to all.

Sir Richard Branson

It is an Attempt to Make Space Travel Accessible to All

Mark Burnett is known for his wildly successful TV franchise “Amazing Race” and “Space Race” and for the collaborative project he will be taking the concept of cross-planetary treasure hunts to new heights. A common man could win the treasure hunt and win himself or herself a seat aboard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship. Mr. Branson hasn’t been able to make space travel affordable for all but one must admit that he is definitely trying to make it accessible to all. Television is the appropriate medium to reach the largest section of society and the aim of this program is to extend this opportunity of space travel to as many people as possible.

Mark Burnett

The Show Will Select the Winner Through Competitive Elimination

The ‘Space Race’ is timed to select a winner right before the start of the commercial service of Virgin Galactic. The coming together of Sir Richard Branson and Mark Burnett is truly a partnership of Titans and it is assured of success even before it has begun. The television show will follow the process of competitive elimination and it will be shot almost entirely at Spaceport America in New Mexico which is the home of Virgin Galactic. All the preparation and training for the space flight is taking place there and it will be the departure point for the commercial space flights. The potential block buster series is being produced by American broadcaster NBC.


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