The Super Rich Love the Underwater Aeroplane Showcased at Manaco Yacht Show

Monaco yacht show attracts a lot of billionaire kids and the show held last week was no different. There were luxury yachts on display who were contenders for the superyacht awards comparable to the Friendship Superyacht but the highlight was the DeepFlight Super Falcon underwater aeroplane. The unique and exciting submersible has been designed and created by London-born marine engineer Graham Hawkes. His unconventional designs make his creations suitable for a Bond movies and one of his designs, the Mantis, was used in ‘For Your Eyes Only. Hawkes started making these submersibles for the oil and gas industry, and for the military and finally stretched the technology to create a machine that could fly underwater.

DeepFlight Super Falcon underwater aeroplane.

The Craft is Very Quiet and Attracts Sea Life to Itself

The novelty of the superyachts is wearing off the richest billionaires of the world. They now demand more exciting add-ons and this is where the DeepFlight Super Falcon will find a market. The underwater plane is built with a 8.8 feet wide wings and is capable of going to a depth of 1,600 feet and flies using a downward lift motion. The craft can fly at a speed of four to five knots and stays positively buoyant. If the engines are turned off or shut down due to a technical snag, the craft floats back up to the surface on its own. Another positive feature of the Super Falcon when compared to traditional submarines is that it is very quiet and thus attracts sea life instead of scaring them away.

Underwater Flight

Priced at $1.7 Million, the Craft Can be Chartered for $10,000

Monaco Yacht Show was the right platform to showcase the exciting new creation and there was considerable interest shown from potential buyers. The super-rich are always looking for new gadgets and machines that can do cool things. The model of Super Falcon on display is made to accommodate two people but Hawkes is prepared to take orders for models that can take three people on an underwater flight. Richard Branson has become the first buyer of Hawkes’ new creation. He has also bought the DeepFlight Challenger, a submarine designed to travel to the deepest depths of the ocean. The Super Falcon has been priced at $1.7 million. It is also available for charter at $10,000 per day. Hawkes is also offering three day training programs for $15,000 at the end of which he issues a certificate.

Via: telegraph

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