Gold Earphones By Happy Plugs Plated With 50 Grams of Gold!

If you are music maniac like I am then you would know the importance of an excellent pair of earphones especially an amazing earphones like the gold earphones by Happy Plugs. It is a Stockholm based company that manufactures unique audio instruments and this one is truly unique. These earphones have been plated with 18 carats of gold. These days technology has become the foremost way to display exclusivity. Today’s best accessory has become your iPhone or your tablet. We hear of gold plated iPads, cellphones etc but we rarely hear of accessories to match the luxe factor of these gadgets.

It would be a shame if you buy a really sleek cellphone and attach a plain looking earphone. I know I wouldn’t like it. But that sleekness comes with a price. In this case, a price of $14,500. We have seen a few bejewelled earphones in the past but very few of them look as classy like this one. It is blinged up but not in the in your face type. So it is perfect for a lot of people including myself who prefer an understated yet luxurious style. Well, that and a whole lot of money of course.

happy plugs gold plated earphones

A total of 25 grams of gold has been used in each earbud. That’s a total of 50 grams. Even the Queen of England doesn’t wear that much gold. Well maybe sometimes she does. And its not just the gold that makes it special, the acoustic level of the device is great too. And if you don’t have that kind of change in your pocket then the company also offers similar looking golden coloured earphones that cost $30. Now that much I am sure you can spend. And the next time you are listening to music with your earphones on you would surely receive some envious glances.

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